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Renson and OpenMotics are joining forces

OpenMotics, a specialist in building automation, has recently become an official part of Renson. And that has opened up several challenging perspectives for both parties. “We at Renson have known for some time now that ‘healthy and comfortable living’ goes beyond just those products that we develop for this purpose,” says CEO Paul Renson. “And now, thanks to this partnership, we also have a concrete ‘cloud’ solution in-house to be able to prove that, based on all the data collected, we can make our baseline ‘Creating Healthy Spaces’ a reality.” 

Pieter De Clerck (CEO OpenMotics): “As far as we’re concerned, building automation should be as natural in a house as running water or electricity. I like to compare the ‘cloud’ platform that we offer as a digital ‘market’ for this to the app store to make my point: you only used to use mobile phones for calling and texting. But it’s the app store that allowed the smartphone to grow to meet the needs of the users. It’s our ambition to be the ‘app store for buildings’ via a platform of our own services that is simultaneously open to various external parties, etc.”

Rino De Muelenaere (Group Director R&D Renson): “The OpenMotics bundles everything together for ‘intelligent living’, where, over time, a building can learn from and adjust to the behaviour of the residents and services and technology (ventilation, sun protection, heating, lighting, cooling, etc.). This makes OpenMotics a fundamental player for Renson to effectively prove that we – thanks to all of the data collected in the cloud – can concretely substantiate our ‘creating healthy spaces’ baseline.